About US

The bleeding images of a lifetime of horror, a sad retribution and a contract to die

Born in 2005, a three member band formed by Col.KMU, PICOS & PACH BASS in Mexico city in search for a fast, old school, thrash sound, taking the band out on expedition to south America, central America, Caribbean, north America and Europe.
Delivering 6 music record productions and 2 demos in 15 years of history.
The band has ventured into a new platform giving them the edge of making their sound that will take them to the next level, the Mexican death squad will show no mercy


Murder in the kitchen” demo (2005)
“Murder in the kitchen” demo (2005)
Thrashing the blind school: 5:52
Ritual killings: 5:02
“Rushed death” demo (2006)
“Rushed death” demo (2006)
Thrashing The Blind School (Demo): 06:08
Ritual Killings (Demo): 05:25
Merciless Machine (Demo): 05:31
A Drop Of Hell (Demo): 04:25
“Up for the massacre” full length album (2006)
“Up for the massacre” full length album (2006)
M.A.O.A. (Maximum Amount of Aggressions): 3:05
Thrashing the Blind School: 6:13
Ritual Killings5:47
S.T.C. (Street Criminals): 3:08
Merciless Machine: 4:56
A Drop of Hell: 4:06
Suicidal License: 4:57
Rushed Death: 3:12
Up For the Massacre: 2:49
Redemption: 1:02
“Inflexible steel” EP (2008)
“Inflexible steel” EP (2008)
Inflexible Steel: 05:24
Prophetic Chemical Death: 04:44
Messiah Of The Damned: 05:05
O.M.D.: 03:54
“Vicious Nightmare” full length album (2009)
“Vicious Nightmare” full length album (2009)
SM Intro: 01:22
Black Violence: 06:27
Total Disposal: 04:17
Inflexible Steel: 05:47
Metal Fastkill: 05:15
Rabid Abstraction: 03:29
Prophetic Chemical Death: 04:37
The Way To Na Trang: 04:23
Violent Reivindication: 05:19
SBU: 05:14
Final: 02:50
Strike Master - Majestic Strike
“Majestic Strike” full length album (2011)
Intro: 1:00
Silver Or Lead: 2:25
Death Will Be What Kills Us: 3:41
Mother Hyena: 2:59
Mechanic Morals: 4:06
Majestic Strike: 3:12
Supreme Insult: 3:14
Thrashing The Blind School (2011): 6:15
Darkness Assault: 4:42
“S+M” full length album (2017)
“S+M” full length album (2017)
Follow Me: 01:30
No Future: 04:11
Boy In The Hole: 02:43
As I March: 05:11
Urban Phantasms: 02:55
The Mortarist: 03:29
Anti Aerial Witchunt Battery: 03:35
Chant Of Falcons: 02:44
Machines of Mercy: 03:44
Born Horrible: 03:44
“UFTM” Full length album (2017)
“UFTM” Full length album (2017)
U.F.T.M.: 2:54
Ritual Killings: 5:52
Maximum Amount Of Aggressions: 3:15
Rushed Death: 3:26
Merciless Machine: 5:18
Street Criminals: 3:17
Redemption: 0:56
Thrashing The Blind School: 6:19
A Drop Of Hell: 4:17
Suicidal License: 5:06
“Death Based Illusions” EP (2019)
“Death Based Illusions” EP (2019)
A Corpseless Soul: 03:47
There`s Never Enough Knives: 04:53
Strong As Hell: 04:19
Cosmic Owl Ritual: 05:48